Don't forget the finishing touch.

Our bindery staff knows how important your job is! After the designing and printing, the delicate job of precisely cutting, folding or binding takes place.

At Micro Graphics, we offer expertly trained staff and carefully maintained equipment to assure peak performance. Our paper cutters are calibrated for accuracy. We have vacuum feed folders and collators that allow us to feed virtually any stock. We have the ability to bind your project in several ways, including GBCT(plastic combs), Coil, Perfect Bind and saddlestitch. If your project must be individually shrink wrapped - no problem! Did you know that by CASS certifying and presorting you can save up to 30% on postage costs and still have your mail delivered as quickly as first class? Using Micro Graphics mailing service is easy - just supply us with your mailing list. We will CASS certify, dedupe and sort your list. After your list is ready to go, we will then inkjet the names, addresses and barcodes on your printed piece or mailing envelope. The mailing system automatically pauses at each tray and keeps the system on track and correctly sorted. Then, we secure the trays and deliver them right to the post office!